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It can feel so hard to get back in shape and rebuild your core after having a baby – whether that was 3 months or 3 years ago. But you can, and you will, and in a way that works for you.

Working together I can help you:

  • Build your fitness and stamina
  • Improve how you look, feel and move
  • Develop a functioning and more stable core


We’ll start by talking about how you feel, what you want to achieve, and your medical and exercise history. From having a better understanding of all of that, I’ll then put together bespoke training plans to help get you where you want to be.

Alongside the face to face sessions we will have in the gym, I can give you lifestyle and nutrition advice to support your personalised exercise plan. It’ll be challenging, but fun, and most importantly we’ll make it fit within your life.

Each face to face session lasts an hour and takes place in my private gym.

A single session with me costs £50, but I also offer the following packages:

6 session package

6 Sessions, £270

10 session package

10 Sessions, £410

15 session package

15 Sessions, £595

Post-natal programme (6 or 12 sessions)

Post-natal programme

Phase 1 – recover, restore and establish your essential fitness foundations   (6 sessions)

What we cover:

  • Pelvic floor & core – how to reconnect, get the components working properly together, and to appropriately strengthen.
  • How to breathe – sounds silly, but how you breathe is essential for core function – so is something we absolutely have to get right!
  • Postural alignment – how pregnancy and mum life has altered this and the impact on how you look, move and feel, with subsequent releases and mobilisations to help regain your ideal.
  • Nutrition advice for recovery, healing and mental well-being.
  • Assessment, releases and strategies to support the management and recovery of diastasis recti (ab separation).
  • Integrated core exercises – how you engage and work your core within movements that you do all day and every day, and build your strength for life as a mum.

Phase 2 – building fitness, stamina, and change your body shape  (6 sessions)

What we cover:

  • Building upon your foundations established in phase 1, we will take you further forward on your fitness journey.
  • Exercise to shape your body, that is safe and appropriate for you, and really works!
  • Nutrition advice and guidance to compliment your exercise regime in terms of body shape, but also your well-being.
  • Exercise that develops your fitness and stamina for life – you are going to feel fitter, stronger and doing all the lifting, carrying, crawling, squatting you do as a mum and will become so much easier! You will surprise yourself with what you are able to do!

Postnatal programme costs:

  • Phase 1: £270
  • Phase 2:  £260
  • Complete package: £480 (saving £50 on purchasing phase 1 & 2 separately)

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About Me

Hi, I’m Zoe, a mum of two energetic young boys and a women’s fitness specialist. I develop and deliver personal training programmes for mums.

I do what I do because I understand what it’s like to come out the other side of pregnancy with a body that feels, and is, different to what it was before. After my first child, my squidgy belly and expanded bottom and thighs took some acceptance, and I knew my core was pretty weak. I was proud of the reason why my body had changed, but my own self-esteem and body confidence had taken a real battering. And what was worse was that I didn’t really know where to sensibly begin in starting to get back to feeling good about my body, being strong and healthy for me, and my family. Sound familiar? Then please read on……

I realised that often it’s not knowing where to start and what’s right for your body that we struggle with the most. That’s why personal training with me is exactly that. Personal. It is about you, what you want to achieve and how I can best help you. We work together – I’m not just there to get you fit, instead I help you to get yourself fit through a combination of education, tools and practical exercise sessions. Your body is different post baby. I will help you to understand how best to get back to what you could do before or want to do now, managing yourself safely and effectively.

I’ll assess where you’re at and where you want to get to. We’ll discuss food as it’s an important part of fuelling and shaping your body and ultimately, you can be confident that every week you’ll take another step forward.

My biggest aims are to build your confidence and help you to enjoy moving and using your body in a way that gets you great results. You will work hard but feel more energised, sleep better (baby sleeping dependent!), move, look and feel better.

Like all us mums, I’m constantly juggling life, being a mum, a wife, a friend, a housekeeper, working and keeping myself healthy and well. But I’m a firm believer in looking after yourself as a priority. This doesn’t mean I’m necessarily good at it, but I do try. I realise it’s important, and I help my clients to see and act on this too. If mummy goes down, no one is happy. Prioritising yourself, your health and wellness is beneficial for you and your family as a whole unit. Shall we get started?

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