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“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”
Dr. Wayne Dyer.  This is the very essence of coaching!  

We change and evolve through our experiences in life. As mum’s, we are exposed to a whole new world of joy, love, circles of new-found mummy friends, miles apart from the life many of us once knew.  Treading our way through unfamiliar territory, often gives rise to shifts in our thinking about our life and work priorities, feelings of uncertainty, purpose, guilt, isolation, dips in our self-confidence and self-esteem are all common.  

I support and address your challenges, in a way that helps you achieve a shift in your thinking, approach and focus.  Coaching is a partnership of trust, honesty and accountability, created through a series of 1:2:1 meetings with me in-person, via video, or telephone.  My coaching style and methods are collaborative, motivational and structured (SMART) goal focused.

Career and confidence coaching can help:

  • Re-set your thoughts and focus
  • Give clarity to your future professional direction
  • Increase self-confidence & self-value
  • Control self-sabotaging thinking
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Support & prepare you for returning to work


I invite any mum interested in coaching with me, to invest time having a ‘no-obligation’ chat with me in the first instance.  It helps break the ice, allowing me to briefly explore your situation and ensure we feel connected and compatible with each other, enabling you to make an informed decision.  

Super Confident You!

(For building unshakeable self-confidence)
8-week coaching programme of self-discovery, goal setting and action, through a series of 90-minute 1:2:1 coaching sessions with me, in-person, video or telephone.  

Take Control!

(For mums looking at returning to work on some level, building greater levels of self-confidence and self-value)
12-week coaching programme of self-discovery, goal setting and action, through a series of
90- minute 1:2:1 coaching sessions with me, in-person, via video or telephone.

Small Group Coaching (an intimate group of no more than 6 mums)

12-week coaching programme
Ideal for meeting other like-minded mums within a safe, private environment, who wish to build greater self-confidence, gain clarity and preparedness in returning to work on some level.  We meet in-person, via video or conference call at mutually agreed dates/times as a group, for a series of 90-minute coaching sessions.

Please register your interest in group coaching by emailing me at

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About Me

My drive throughout life has always been people and the hospitality industry I come from is all about people and service.  So, when I gave birth to my son in 2012, after years of working in hospitality recruitment, both in the city and independently, my life perspective shifted and my need to support and inspire people took on a new, more purposeful direction.  Taking a calculated leap of faith, I followed my passion and trained to become a coach, focusing on supporting individuals and employees of businesses as a Career and Confidence Coach.

My inquisitive mind and desire to elevate people through challenge and develop an unshakeable self- belief, that generates confidence and direction is my motivation.  I am your unbiased sounding board, motivator and confidante.  I believe you are what you think, your life derives from your thoughts and playing from a high frequency energy is the only place that will give you belief, vision and results.  

I coach people from all walks of life, industries and at different career stages.  From those returning to work after a career break, mums journeying through maternity leave, people affected by redundancy or looking at their future career direction and professionals wanting to develop or progress within key areas of their work and careers.

I give a very specific mention to the mums out there whom have entered a new world of motherhood or whom are already experienced mums, who may have put careers and professional work on hold or who are juggling both!  You are not alone! You are amazing, don’t forget about you, you are important!

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