We are open and able to offer childcare during the Covid-19 Pandemic.  Please get in-touch for further details and to book your childcare today!


Parents have little enough time, and many have very little family support. We at Super Sitters provide ad hoc, emergency and flexible short term childcare to provide for those unavoidable needs that crop up. Not everyone needs full time, permanent childcare, and we are here to provide for the little parts that you do need. We are all childcare professionals here to provide you flexibility in its true sense.


We provide a range of services including:

* Babysitting
* Ad hoc nannying
* Lactation Consultants
* Maternity Nurses
* Pregnancy on call service
* Night Nannies
* Nanny / childminder covers
* Sick child care
* Half term and holiday care
* Wedding service
* Hotel sitting

There are two booking options:

£100 annual membership / £10 per month

A membership fee of £10 per month or £100 per year applies. Both options offer you a one-month free trial.

As a member, you will enjoy a discounted booking fee of £10 per booking. Nannies are thereafter to be paid in cash for their hourly rate, which ranges from £8-£14/hr.

£20 non member booking

No minimum booking times, and last minute bookings always available.

Payment to the sitter will be in cash. This will be £8-£14 per hour, depending on the experience of each sitter.

Get in touch

 07771 480489 (company)
 07403 839083 (personal)

About Me

I started Super Sitters when my little girl was about 6 months old. I felt that the world of childcare was so impersonal, rigid, and here I am giving my story on a website rather than in person. Faceless, impersonal, inflexible. I realised that there were so many working parents out there who literally just needed an extra pair of hands with their child from time to time. Nothing fancy, nothing formal, just another caring person to fill in when needed.

There are loads of permanent options for childcare, but outside of those times… nothing. So I decided to be the one to stand out and provide ad hoc care only.

I have built my whole team through word of mouth. We are a likeminded close-knit team. Most on the team are way more experienced than me, which I massively respect and value. Other agencies function in a very detached way with their sitters. No relationship with them, and don’t know them personally. How is that possible when trying to provide a personal service? I love my team, and I know if I look after them, I’ll retain them. You’ll notice the difference in the care they provide too.

My worst fear is that someone who really needs help with their childcare is too afraid to call. Please do! I’m happy to have a chat and see if we can help.

Good luck in your search, it’s such a personal decision finding the right person to care for your child/ren.

Stacey. x

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