We are a small local catering company offering delicious, nutritious home cooked food to suit all your catering needs. We offer a meal delivery service, catering for small and large events, canapé parties, private dinner parties, child and baby food, cooking lessons, supper clubs and lots more!


All of our menus are bespoke but as a rough guide:

Meal delivery service

Home cooked, nutritious and delicious food, delivered direct to your door on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. From £2.50 per dish.

Private events catering

Dinner party menu – from £35 per head for 3 courses
Canapes parties – from £7.50 per head

I have a large repertoire of healthy, nutritious and balanced meals, and have cooked for many different dietary requirements including, Kosher, vegan, sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, coeliac, paleo, RAW and macrobiotic over many types of cuisine.

BUT … i’m always up for a challenge, so get in touch and we’ll make a plan!

Corporate lunches

We can supply catering for your corporate functions, as well as offering cookery demonstrations as an activity for your staff/clients. From £12.50 per head.

Nutritional therapy

Private consultations with bespoke plans & solutions for:

digestive problems – fatigue or low energy – female health – food intolerances – frequent colds – skin health – sleep problems – sports performance – weight management (loss or gain)

if you would like to discuss your nutritional needs, please feel free to contact me to arrange an appointment. I offer totally bespoke sessions to fit your requirements, or my nutritional therapy package is a great way to start focusing on your health – check out my website for details –

Cooking lessons

– private lessons in your home
– group lessons in your home
– cooking lesson parties in your home
– specialist RAW food classes
– gift vouchers for tuition

£80 for 2 hours, up to 4 people

Children's cooking parties

Cooking parties are a great way to entertain little ones, you find the venue and we’ll bring the rest!

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About Me

Hello! I’m Holly and I am the owner and founder of Food Envy London. The whole concept started whilst on my honeymoon in Brazil in 2014. I spent 2 weeks love – ing, eat – ing, and nourish – ing myself with healthy, pure, real food, and hours of mindful yoga and long walks on the beach. It was pure unadulterated bliss and it’s where it all began.

I’d been cooking as a private chef for 7 years in private high profile households and on yachts but I needed a new challenge. I knew two things; I loved food and wanted to learn more about it. So I began to create ‘food envy’.

I knew that I could create yummy food, but I wanted to know about the depth of the food too. As I became a nutritional therapist I found that I was fascinated with how the food I loved was fuelling my body – literally making me who I am.

I absorbed how food could help to prevent illness, how it could make you feel better and how you can actually eat yourself healthy.

Now I’m a mum of two gorgeous little girls, and I know how hard family life can be. Not enough time, too many tempting takeaways and too many grab and go snacks on the shelves!

So, I set up ‘food envy’ to help my family work, life balance, and hopefully to help yours too … if you love your body, want to eat gorgeous healthy yummy food, and want to nourish your mind in the process, then this is for you.

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