Have you thought about Pregnancy Yoga?

By April 12, 2019 The Body Space

Pregnancy can be such a wonderful time for both Mum to be and her partner, the excitement of a new baby on the way but sometimes the anxiety of how life will change. We are all aware of how stress and anxiety can build up with the challenges of today’s world. Trying to find a life/ work balance is hard at the best of times, with a new baby on the way this prove even more difficult.

Pregnancy Yoga can be an opportunity for Mum to connect with her growing baby and changing body in a safe, supportive environment. It is suitable for all stages of pregnancy and the recommendation is you start after 13 weeks. It is a gentle class concentrating on postures, breathing and relaxation techniques to help to prepare mind and body for labour and beyond. Previous Yoga experience isn’t necessary. During class you will learn how to find deep relaxation along with movements you can practice daily as well as advice on information regarding pelvic floor health, birth plan preparation, light touch massage, what your partner needs to know and much more.

Every time I receive a birth story, whether it be the perfect water birth or a C section the feedback is “Thank you Nickie, I couldn’t have done it without the breathing and relaxation techniques you taught me.”

If you would like more information or a chat regarding Pregnancy Yoga or HypnoBirthing or to book into the class my contact details are below.

Pregnancy Yoga with NickieB on Saturday 10.30-11.30 in Weybridge.

Contact nickie@nickieb.co.uk



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