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By March 29, 2019 The Body Space

So, you’re thinking about getting fit after having a baby – whether that was 6 weeks, 6 months or 6 years ago, and want to know what the best way to go about it?

I’ll start by staying that the path is not the same for everyone – every pregnancy, body, healing and recovery is different. And your own body is different from before children.  This is why in my video I don’t list the exercises that you should or shouldn’t be doing, but instead I’m going to give you some tips around how to build your fitness back up, but also how to know whether a specific exercise, or a version of that exercise is right for you.

But before you watch it, here are the fundamentals for returning to exercise post-baby, whatever your starting point:

  1. Work on your core FIRST. This can feel a bit boring, and may feel like it’s holding you back from ‘real’ exercise.  But it’s essential. And can test the brain a bit! We need to check that all the components of your core are working well individually and together as a unit. You core is your foundation, and it needs to be functioning and stable for you to build upon successfully.  Adding extra load and stress through exercise to an already unstable or dysfunctioning core is likely to make things worse rather than better. We’ve a blog post on pelvic floor exercises that is a great starting point to explain how the breath and the pelvic floor work together.
  2. Arrange to go and see a Women’s Health Physio (Lisa and Nicky) for a Mummy MOT. They can check over your tummy, pelvic floor, hips, back, alignment – basically everything affected by pregnancy and birth, and give you a personalised plan to get you exercise ready!
  3. Focus on exercising for your overall well-being and helping you to be fit and strong for life. So many of us rush to ‘get our body back’, because we feel the pressure to lose weight or look a certain way that society and the media pushes for mums. Your body is awesome – it’s grown humans, so be kind to it and yourself. I like to think of it as loving and helping your body, as opposed to hating and punishing it for how it looks post-baby.  I promise you will feel (and look) so much better if you approach it this this way.
  4. Work with a post-natal fitness special such as myself for 1-2-1 personal training or Anna for buggyfit group classes, who can help build your fitness in the best way for you
  5. Build up slowly and at the right pace for you – using my tips within the video to help, and also seeking professional advice when you need it. Don’t try ignore something if it doesn’t feel right, or suffer in silence if you are worried about something – we’re here to help!


Exercise is great for the body, mind and soul – enjoy! XX



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