Pelvic Girdle Pain

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Tonight we are talking about pelvic girdle pain, you may have heard of it but don’t know what it is or you may currently have it. Lisa Few our Women’s Health physio discusses tonight…

What is it?

Pelvic girdle pain occurs during pregnancy in any of the joints in the pelvis.  It was previously called symphysis pubis dysfunction.  It affects 1:5 pregnant woman and the symptoms can occur at any stage during or after pregnancy. Symptoms generally include difficulty walking, climbing stairs, rolling in bed, getting out of a car and standing on one leg to get dressed.

So why does it happen? – we don’t really know why some people get it and others don’t.  In pregnancy these joints can become painful for several reasons;  our posture changes as our bump gets bigger, our walking pattern changes, our tummy muscles stretch and weaken as do our pelvic floor muscles.  This all means that the stability and support mechanism of our pelvis is weakened.

It is not a normal part of pregnancy and is treatable with manual therapy.  Unfortunately, if it is not treated some mums can have the pain for months even years postnatally.  If you are experiencing any pain into the pelvic area then don’t suffer see a women’s health physiotherapist.

Kim @theonlywayislatte referred herself to me at 24 weeks pregnant with symptoms of pelvic girdle pain.  She was struggling with walking any distances and standing on 1 leg to put on trousers.  We have used manual therapy and muscle energy techniques and some home exercises to treat her pelvic girdle pain.  She is doing really well, we have reduced her pain significantly and strengthened some of her muscles to give her some more support.  This week she managed a spinning class at her gym with no problems.  We will continue to manage her through her pregnancy and will definitely see her postnatally for a Mummy MOT to ensure that everything is moving as it should do including her pelvic floor muscle.

1:5 pregnant mums will get pelvic girdle pain during their pregnancy it is not normal and can be treated so please don’t suffer through your pregnancy see a womens health physiotherapist.

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What is Pelvic Girdle Pain? 1 in 5 women suffer with Pelvic Girdle pain during pregnancy.  If you are suffering, find out how you can get relief #pregnancy #PelvicGirdlePain

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