Is your C-section Scar Giving you jip?

By March 2, 2019 The Body Space

So, what do I mean by “jip”? Do you have unexplained back pain or shoulder pain? Do you feel tight in your hips and as though your legs don’t swing freely? Are you constipated? Painful periods? Or just a feeling of restriction that you can’t quite put your finger on? Or is it not about discomfort but more about how it looks? Lumpy, bumpy, still red or kind of “poofy”? Or do you just not like it very much?

If you answer “yes” to any of the questons above, it could be that your C-Section scar has laid down too much fibrous scar tissue that is causing fascial restriction within your body. And certainly, if you’ve had investigations into the cause of your trouble & the results have all come back as normal then it is probably time to get that scar looked at.

But what can I do about it, I hear you cry! Surely nothing can be done about stubborn scar tissue?
Well luckily, that’s where you’re wrong…

There is a relatively new treatment called ScarWork that I was privileged to train in last year.
Scarwork is a type of myofascial release that works using very gentle & often subtle techniques to help soften scar tissue and reintegrate it into the fascial matrix of the body.
I see a scar as being like a Portuguese man-of-war jelly fish(although not as deadly, thankfully). The scar that you see on the surface of the skin is like the body of the jellyfish on the top of the water but the far reaching tentacles under the surface are akin to the adhesions under the scar that can be just as far reaching.
Scar healing is a natural process that occurs after injury but the tissue is more fibrous and over time these fibrous strands can become inflexible, stuck together & uncomfortable. Scarwork works to soften this tissue, to help lumps, bumps, gaps, ridges and knots to become smoother. It not only affects what is going on under the skin but can also affect the look of a scar making it a more uniform colour while softening the lumps & bumps so that it can become less obvious to the eye.
The process should be pain free, sometimes with a strange sensation that “feels like something is
happening or changing”

Scarwork can also help the recipient come to terms with or even love their scar. Quite often women really don’t like their C-section scars especially if they were received under traumatic circumstances but with Scarwork many women learn to love their scars & start treating them as something to be proud of.

Something that helped bring another miracle child into the world.

So, if you think your C-section scar could be giving you jip, try some scarwork. There a more & more
therapists training all the time and there should be one near you.

Written by Nicola Reed


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