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By February 19, 2019 The Body Space

There’s been a lot in the media since the New Year about clean eating.  So what does it mean?

My definition seems to vary somewhat from what a lot of  ‘celebrity’ chefs are selling. To me, clean eating is eating REAL FOOD.  Nothing processed, refined, manufactured, and as close to their original form as possible.

However there are many people out there selling a lifestyle of ‘clean eating’ as a more restrictive diet than that …

Heard of these? …

Gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, lacto free, carb free, protein based, plant based, 100% RAW, Paleo, Keto …. The list goes on and on.

So what should we be eating and why?  I’m a big believer in REAL food. Real food, is food that hasn’t been tampered with by the time it arrives in your house.  Think fresh, nutritious, picked from a field or milked from a cow. That’s what I mean by real food. We are all humans and the human body requires a varied diet to perfom at it’s optimum ability.  

There is a ton of research out there that shows that our bodies need a variety of hundreds of minerals and vitamins in order to grow, repair, build, strengthen and energise, and quite simply without these things our bodies will eventually stop working.

So why are people telling us to cut out dairy, sugar, wheat, gluten, lactose ….. well on the whole it seems that people are preaching from their own experiences.  Not naming any names but there are A LOT of bloggers out there who claim to have cured themselves from severe illnesses through the power of eliminating various food groups from their bodies.  However this is beginning to back fire, as one well known Australian blogger is now facing a lengthy prison service after ‘conning’ her audience into believing she cured herself from cancer … turns out she didn’t actually have cancer in the first place.

So what happens if we do cut out all these things?  Well quite simply our bodies won’t work efficiently.  There are of course actual real medical exceptions such as Chrohn’s disease and I’m not denying that some people who suffer from IBS type symptoms might benefit from eating less gluten but it’s these diet plans that cut out EVERYTHING that we should be avoiding.

As has been the historic tone on this matter …. Little and often is key.  If you are going to eat cake, don’t eat more than one slice, if you want jam and toast, make sure it’s wholewheat toast and natural sugar jam, get the idea?  

If we all go back to eating REAL food, we might have a chance of a normal life.  Food is becoming so faddy, and obsessive for people that we are all in danger of driving ourselves completely mad.  So my advice is this … stick to wholefoods, real foods, non processed foods and remember the rule of little and often.  Then you should be alright!

Holly. Food Envy

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