How can I cook… when I can’t?

By January 20, 2019 The Body Space

At times we all need an easier option when it comes to cooking for ourselves or our families.  What are the options when things are tough? You might be starting a new job, a new baby has arrived, you just need a break, a family crisis hits, the builders are in or you’ve just moved house? Take Aways are the obvious answer but they are SO bad for us so we thought we would share some other alternatives.

  • One option is to go for really simple food that you plan in advance,  here are some options….

Jacket potatoes (spuds or sweet), a bag of salad and pre prepped sandwich fillers.

Baked fish with a bag of microwave rice, steamed veg and a blob of mayonnaise

Get the slow cooker out. This recipe is literally minutes to put on in the morning and is genuinely lovely. Again a bag of microwave rice and maybe some peas would top this off brilliantly in minutes

  • Invest in some frozen meals, they are made in a kitchen and frozen using only the ingredients you would use at home. It’s not cheap but sometimes these things need a little money thrown at them.  These are good emergency meals to have in the freezer for those days when you just run out of energy or time. New parents get a discount too . You could also try local business Food Envy London who are part of the Mummy Space.
  • Pre plan your meals – if you know there is a difficult time coming ie a new baby or going back to work for example, over the weeks before, make extra when you cook and put it in the freezer. This is by far the cheapest option.  Doing this anyway so you have some emergency back up isn’t a bad idea for those unexpected minor emergencies.
  • You may have seen the companies that deliver you recipes and all the ingredients measured out.  This is certainly not a cheap option and you still need to do the cooking but it’s ideal if you need to hand the cooking over to someone less competent (can’t imagine who that could be for some of us!) or if you are having building work or indeed just need the mental break from the planning and shopping.  Here are a few options – ,   These companies often have very generous intro offers and we believe Waitrose are about to start the same service too.
  • Use a meal delivery service like Food Envy London who deliver meals that are ready to go. Just put them in the oven and that’s it, perfect for busy days.
  • Lastly and one that we really shouldn’t forget – ask for help. I know not everyone has family or friends around that can help but if you do – utilise them in these situations. I recently had a family crisis and my Mum dropped off dinner one night – OMG it was such an enormous help.  Ask if someone can host you for dinner one night, maybe a girl friend who had children of a similar age? Once your situation eases up have them over for dinner or maybe take them out as a thank you. People like to be asked to help – honestly they do, allow those that are willing to give a little – you can always give back another time.


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