Why I don’t like Facial Wipes…

By December 9, 2018 Beauty

We’re entering the thick of party season and I’ll bet you anything you’ve gone to bed without taking your makeup off at all, or have resorted to a wipe….we’ve all been there. I’m an advocate of thorough cleansing, preferably a double cleanse, but today I want to take about facial wipes, and why I really don’t like them!

Don’t get me wrong, they serve a purpose for a few scenarios; going swimming/gym during your lunch break, camping/festivals, travelling where access to running water is scarce, hospital bag if movement is going to be restricted….you get my drift.  However, I would argue, that aside the swimming and mountain treks a proper cleanse would be preferable and far more enjoyable in circumstances that are less so.

So why am I anti-wipes? I’ll be honest, there have been occasions when a wipe has been the only option to remove dirt and makeup and as a mum I can generally be called upon to have some on my person to clear up daily messes and sticky hands. However, when it comes to facial wipes I do have some issues. In the interests of providing some honest feedback (it has been a long while since a wipe touched my face) I recently tested a couple of well-known brands, and here’s what I found.

I didn’t particularly enjoy the experience of taking my makeup off with a wipe, it stung my eyes, left my face feeling sensitive and while my skin felt wet, it was neither hydrated nor nourished.  Once the moisture from the wipe had dried off my skin felt tight and sensitive, and after about half an hour, really dry. By the end of the week my skin had actually broken out in little pimples in areas where I don’t usually suffer from breakouts, not fun.

They didn’t effectively remove my makeup! Day to day I wear SPF and a little makeup.  Somehow they simply mushed the dirt and makeup around my face, and failed to actually effectively remove it…How many wipes do you think it takes to take a full face of makeup off properly? I’ll tell you…five.  Five wipes to take off around 90% off, I’ve had some clients admit to using just one (ONE!!!) wipe for a ‘thorough’ whole facial cleanse…I just can’t even talk about it. Don’t get me started on the packaging.

Let’s talk bank balances, because when I talk to people about skincare I often hear that it’s too expensive to invest in good, effective products. I’m here to tell you that it needn’t break the bank. There are loads of affordable product lines out there that offer good quality products.  Facial wipes are actually way more expensive longer term than buying a bottle of cleanser. On average packet of facial wipes contains approximately 30 wipes and costs between £2-5 (there are cheaper non-branded options). If used properly, you’re actually getting less than a weeks’ worth of product per pack! On average that’s around £180-£200 (60ish packets) a year, on a product that doesn’t even clean your face properly.  A good quality mid-range cleanser will cost around £20 and last you 3-4 months. You do the maths. Of course there are cheaper and equally more expensive options, it really depends on what you’re after.

So my advice? Keep the wipes for emergencies and have a look at investing in a product that will look after your skin. Most beauty therapists will happily talk to clients about where to start, offer free skin consultations and nearly all brands offer samples so you can try before you buy.  We only have one skin, it’s worth looking after.

Don’t forget to cleanse! Ana x


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