What’s A Mummy MOT And Do You Need One?

By November 6, 2018 The Body Space

Did you know the average Mum takes at least seven years to seek help for her pelvic floor? This can be for a number of reasons; education, worry, embarrassment.

But, as I found out when I first met our women’s health physios, Nicky Herringshaw and Lisa Few at a pelvic floor information evening no one should be worried, so after I first met Lisa I decided to road test a Mummy MOT.

I arranged an appointment at Lisa’s Claygate practice and went along.  I really didn’t know what to expect but I was so in awe of what Lisa could tell me about my body, my whole body, by doing some simple tests.  

I first had a body read with my top off, checking out my alignment. Then I was on the table, checking diaphragm, tummy, back, all over! Lisa could read my body so well and could tell me a lot about how my births had affected me.  There was an internal assessment too, to look at my pelvic floor, but even this I found fascinating. I had some scar tissue from my forceps delivery which was still causing me pain and an overactive bladder. With some gentle massage and movement, even in one session, Lisa could release some of the tension, it was truly amazing.

She also explained to me that I wasn’t breathing properly which was a bit of a shock. I wasn’t using my diaphragm correctly so my pelvic floor wasn’t releasing fully, which connected the dots with the overactive bladder.

Lisa gave me some gentle and simple exercises I could do at home to support what my pelvic floor needed which was actually complete release. Due to my birth trauma with my first, Lisa explained it was likely my body had gone into some kind of spasm and not ever completely let go again.

So in one insightful hour, I had found out so much and got some real tools to move forward.  All in all, completely fascinating and I noticed immediate results and have continued to do the exercises and see really positive improvements.

So do you need a Mummy MOT? If you are experiencing any new symptoms post birth, I would say yes.

Go and look after your body.

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