The Mummy Space Surrey

Supporting Women - Mind, Body and Soul

Why the Mummy Space?

Being a Mum takes all of our mind, body and soul, yet so often we don’t look after any of them.

That was the realisation that led us to set-up The Mummy Space Surrey, a community of local experts whose specialism and passion is working with Mums. As Mums ourselves we recognised the challenges that we sometimes face and wanted to combine that with our professional expertise to offer something that Mums actually wanted – and needed.

We’ve worked hard to make this real – our aim is to be sure that Mums know what help and support is out there for them for every aspect of their lives. Everything in The Mummy Space Surrey is on one site to save hours of searching. It’s also all local and comes recommended by people like you. Come and take a look, maybe even say hi – this is your time…..

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The Feel Good Space

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The Mums Behind it all

We’re mums so we’ve been there but we’re also specialists in what we do and are passionate about helping you through the journey.

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